Retro Double Quick Mug

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RETRO Double Quick Mug

Ø: 7.5cm With Handle:10.5cm H:11cm V:380ml

Handmade and painted individually by the artist Hyun Sang Hwa.

SIGNATURE METAL HANDLE with leather cover
Comfortable and sturdy grip is created with rubber coating on top of the metal handle. Material Nichrome is fixed onto the ceramics to ensure that the handle is lasting and does not rust. The placement of logo, smudging of colour and irregular texture were designed and executed by hand to create the desired vintage look. Discoloured paint on top of matte exterior adds weight and depth to the design.


The artist symbolically uses brand logos of global conglomerate which started its journey with handicrafts. The mug reflects the social perspective and standing of dissipating handicraft industry. The collection is also meant to revere and reminisce the past glory of European craftsmen in pre-1900s.


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