Cat water bowl

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Meow~!  Cats love this water bowl, drink water more often with it! A cat in a bowl is staring at you with adorable eyes. 

- Size :  17cm X 10cm 

- Capacity : 1,100ml

- Origin : Handmade in Korea

- Artist : Shin Sung Min & Kim Ji Hye 

- Porcelain, Food Safe, dishwasher safe

- Hygienic, can be washed with hot water

It can contain 1 liter of water, good size as a water bowl for cats. 

Food Safe. Hot water and dishwasher safe. The cat figure inside is not glued but baked in a cup with glaze in a high-temperature kiln. 

Inspired by the artist's two cats, this cute bowl was designed.

Choose your favorite cat first!

Option 1. White cat in a Mint Bowl

Option 2. Yellow cat in a Mint Bowl

Option 3. Grey cat in a Pink Bowl

Option 4. Black cat in a Pink Bowl