Blueline Square Dish (Mini)

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W:110mm L: 110mm H: 20mm

Introducing Artist Kim Seok Binn's Blueline Square Dish.
The dish is casual and modern with handpainted, charming blue lines as design highlight.
The simple, cobalt lines are meant to bring diner's attention to the food that is contained within, creating a picturesque set up for any dining table.

This versatile dish is highly practical and can be used as side plate to any meal of the day.

Diningware Handmade Ceramics Square Dish

Handmade Square Dish with Blue Lines

Handmade Diningware Square Dish with bluelines Ceramics
While it is common for white porcelain to be baked in 1250°C kiln,
Artist Kim Seok Binn bakes his stoneware in higher temperature of 1300°C to decrease water absorption and create lighter yet more durable ceramics.

Diningware handmade ceramics white square dish



The Blueline collection from Kim Seok Binn is meant to inspire. The artist crafts a blank canvas with lines in which users fill with their own expression, completing the masterpiece.
The collection has been accoladed 'Certificate of Excellence' by the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Korea.
KimSeokBinn Ceramics Certification of Excellence


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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Piken on 26th Nov 2020

    I love everything in this range. Delivery came super fast and the packaging is so personal. Used them immediately and my friends were so happy!

  • 5
    Mini Blueline Square Dish

    Posted by viv on 24th Nov 2020

    THIS is a practical addition to the table, particularly an Asian one -- great for kimchi, maybe a little mound of pickles or vegetables, three or four jewels of baby tomatoes, any kind of banchan, side dish affair. The square shape lends a nice tease to the eye, a pleasant foil to the round dishes at the table. Since these are all handmade, you get a quaint, comforting feeling when you put them away -- they may not all stack so snugly and perfectly as factory-made pieces, then you realize, "Ah, the ceramicist has made this with love, and with his very own hands! Piece by piece, each with their own quaint character."

  • 5
    Petit Square Plate

    Posted by Vivienne Y. on 23rd Nov 2020

    Clean, lines, subtle 3D feeling. Très moderne, chic, yet traditional. I love, no, I LURVE!