What is cartonnage?

What is cartonnage?

Posted by YH HA on 27th Jan 2021

Cartonnage Craft

Cartonnage is a French-derived word for Cardboard Craft, which involves carefully plastering layers of linen or paper to create beautifully-finished, artistic handicraft.

The history of Cartonnage dates back to 18c Europe when French antique linens were used to create tea boxes for the noble society. By using Cartonnage-styled tea boxes, instead of metal or aluminium ones, the Trans-Asian traders were able to control the humidity and prevent the tea leaves from absorbing odours. As tea was luxury commodity during this period, consumed exclusively by the upper-class, prized linens were stitched onto the tea boxes and were often showcased by the noblewomen. Therefore, Catonnage has hitherto been called tea box or linen box. 

Takako Tanaka is a Tokyo-based craftsman who chanced upon the art of Cartonnage in a vintage market during his sojourn in Paris and has been captivated by the craft ever since. Established in 2010, Artist Takako’s brand, hacocco, was introduced to the discerning consumers of Japan through a series of sought-after exhibitions. Artist Takako handpicks his embroidered textiles from a premium Japanese sourcer, PJC, to accomplish refined and delicate finish to his work. The detailed design, beautiful colour palette and story-telling fabric come together to create artworks that amaze and inspire, elevating Cartonnage as handicraft with a deeper artistic value.

Artist Takako’s products, such as the coffee filter holder; mask keeper; tissue box, are imbued with Artist’s core belief that Cartonnage handicraft should be a blend of functionality and artistry.

The Moon Jar is delighted to showcase Artist Takako’s Cartonnage works to the Singapore public and sincerely hope that his crafts would inspire your daily life and space.