Thoughts Behind Sourcing the hacocco Collection

Thoughts Behind Sourcing the hacocco Collection

Posted by YH HA on 27th Jan 2021

As a bespectacled child, the first gift I bought for myself was a glasses stand. Looking back, it is amusing to think of a young child’s decision to purchase such an unusual product.

Often in the morning, I fumbled for my glasses which were carelessly placed on the nightstand after the previous night’s reading. Perhaps my young mind was determined to create its own dedicated home for an item that is as cherished as my very own eyes. The glasses stand kept me company for a fairly long time.

Minimalism is trending nowadays - purchasing something after tossing out another...

I, too, have some tips and tricks up my sleeve on organising. First, I ponder over again on the decision to purchase something new. I always ask myself two important questions: Is it a necessity? Will it go well with the design and colours of my home?

After the deliberation to finally bring the product home, I would dedicate a corner for it immediately. Upon accomplishing its intended tasks, the product is destined to go back to its corner and only then, is it possible to conveniently, yet efficiently, organise my home.

Why don’t we introduce its own designated space for the products that we have brought into our lives? The beautiful Cartonnage boxes that play host to our belongings will not only support and unify the design elements of our space but be a great spur for us to treasure what we already have.

An elegant gift to wrap our typical tissue boxes that are bombarded with gaudy patterns and logos… The receiver would be reminded of the token of our love multiple times every day as she reaches out for the tissue paper. Could there be a better gift than this?

Comfort and contentment in our space are paramount to weather this home-bound, Work-from-Home period. Look around, perhaps we are not the only ones that require a snug environment.

The sloppily-scattered masks, the TV remote that we search for on a daily basis, the opened coffee filter packet that is beginning to dust… every one of them needs its own space.