Our Story

 We believe that the most memorable moments are captured
when we connect with our loved ones over a nourishing meal.
Our carefully selected designer stoneware is meant to 
amplify those moments of connections across your dining table.
We hope that you will not hurry past these daily communes 
and be inspired to bond over these artisanal shared pieces of The Moon Jar. 


Our Products 

Essential meets craftsmanship to create modern day heirlooms.
Our stoneware is uniquely designed by artists and
meticulously handmade by craftsmen from Korea. 
Each imperfect perfections are true portrait of the patience
that endured the faithful process of throwing, moulding, drying, firing and glazing.
The end product is beautiful yet durable stoneware that will be with you and your family over time.

Please check out Our Artists section for more details on the craftsman of your The Moon Jar products.


Our Advocacy

We love the MotherEarth which provides for us and our community that inspires us.

• Supports businesses with high quality sustainable production over low quality mass manufacturing

 •  Free of harmful Hormone Disrupting Chemicals (BPA, phthalates etc.)

• Eco-friendly packaging