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YAGO Coffee Mug and Saucer Set - Kids on the bus

By Ceramist Naohiko Yago

Handmade and Handpainted, 2021

Made in Yamanashi-ken, Japan


Mug with handle - Ø:77mm H:80mm V:190ml  Weight 267g

Saucer - Ø:145mm H:20mm Weight 251g

Ceramist Naohiko Yago paints animals such as owls and cats as his motifs. His expression is picturesque and under-glazed colors are gentle so that his painted animals look as if they were taken out of the children’s books. This coffee mug is smaller than the regular coffee mug size. The saucer itself can be used as a plate for petit desserts. 

Kindly bear in mind before purchase that textural, color and shape irregularities are common in this design and handcrafted with purpose by the Artist, if you have any enquiries about the product please reach out to us via our WhatsApp or Facebook Message and we will address your questions and concerns!


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