YAGO Cup - Children

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YAGO Cup - Children

By Ceramist Naohiko Yago

Handmade and Handpainted, 2021

Made in Yamanashi-ken, Japan 

Blue Cup  Ø:80mm H:80mm V:220ml  Weight 220g

Red Cup  Ø:70mm H:80mm V:160ml  Weight 169g

Ceramist Naohiko Yago paints  chikdren and animals as his motifs. His expression is picturesque and under-glazed colors are gentle so that his painted animals and children look as if they were taken out of the children’s books. The color painting is amazing. Can you see the coloful round shapes with glaze? 

Drawing and painting on the front sides.

Drawing and painting on the back sides. 

Don't miss the artist signiture on the bottom of the cups. 

Blue Cup