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ONSEO SET [온서 세트] 4Pcs

Onseo Plate small  Ø:130cm H:2cm

Onseo Plate Medium Ø:19cm H:2cm

Onseo Cup Ø:7cm H:7cm V:200ml

Onseo Bowl Large Ø:12.5cm, H:6.5cm, 425ml

[2 Colours Available : OATMEAL OR TAUPE]

Onseo Line is definately one of our best sellers! We made this Onseo Set for you, Onseo lovers!

Grab this practical and economical set now. 

Two sizes plates are perfect for a serving plate and dessert plate. You can use the cup for drinking water, coffee or tea. 

We choose the large bowl in the set, which is just right for Cereal, Oats, Salad or a soup. 



Onseo Plate small  Ø:130cm H:2cm