Blueline Serving Plate (2 sizes)

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Medium ø:200mm H:25mm 

Large.   ø:270mm H:25mm 

The plate is casual and modern with handpainted, charming blue lines as design highlight.
Do note that the plate had glossy, textured surface and more reflective than the rest of the Blueline collection.
The simple, cobalt lines are meant to bring diner's attention to the food that is contained within, creating a picturesque set up for any dining tables.

Small(not for sale), Medium and large sizes

Medium Plate 20cm

While it is common for white porcelain to be baked in 1250°C kiln,
Artist Kim Seok Binn bakes his stoneware in higher temperature of 1300°C to decrease water absorption and create lighter yet more durable ceramics.