When I moved here a couple months ago, I was pretty distracted by the excitement of finally being with Bryan. The tough part of moving to a new place and starting a new life didn't really hit me straight away; thought I knew going from the great NYC (yes, I'm one of THOSE New Yorkers...) to just about anywhere else is a big move! 

So as I settled in, I tried to find the good. Well, firstly it's just a tad more affordable (JK - way more affordable)... The city is very clean... Things are new... The food is excellent (tacos galore)... And lots of places are dog friendly. But I do miss the charm and the 'feeling' you get when walking the streets of NYC. There's just something exciting - the mix of old and new, the endless amount of diversity, and the crowds of dream-chasers (off-set by those darn tourists). 

So I set out to find the charm of Dallas... It exists! There's a few little pockets of this city that are so freakin' cute...

First stop: Bishops Arts District. This area originated in the 1920's and was filled with warehouses and shops. After doing some research, I found that it went through a big decline and was pretty run down for a while. I'd say that it's still 'up-and-coming' now, but there's about 3 square blocks with the cutest little shops and restaurants. The artsy and home-grown feel kind of reminded me of an area you'd find in California. You'll come across some really cool street art, boutiques, and a ton of restaurants. Foodwise, I'd recommend Oddfellows, a rustic eatery that specializes in American-fare, brunch, and espresso. The wait can tend to be a bit long on the weekend but it's well worth it, in my opinion! The atmosphere is so charming and the food is amazing. I hear they have great cocktails as well!

Another awesome little eatery is Emporium Pies; it's a little specialty Pie shop set inside a cottage, with a few eat-in tables (inside and outside). You can order by the slice with a cup of coffee. It's so cute and it just makes me happy!

My last recommend would be a specialty shop called Dirt. They create and sell the absolute coolest succulents, cacti, flowers, and airplants. The shop is set up and merchandised so well; the vintage-rustic atmosphere is captivating. It almost feels like you've gone back in time. I heard they also do workshops... Definitely on my to-do list!

Thanks for reading! Here are some more photos from the stroll around B.A.D and Oak Cliff!

Emily ODonnell