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About the Moon Jar


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About the Moon Jar




The Moon Jar is an online gifting shop, specializing in gifts that help inspire people to find their purpose and pursue their dreams.
The shop features our own product, as well as curated gift boxes with amazing products, selected to inspire & assist you or the gift recepient in fulfilling their dreams!

What inspired The Moon Jar?
In the midst of defining my career, I had a couple of impactful jobs where I gained amazing experience that helped me get to where I am today. However, I never felt fully aligned with my passions & purpose. I had this drive for more in life; and I would often scoot out the door at the end of each work day, feeling a bit uninspired or drained. As I’d leave each day, I’d get in my car and look left to check for oncoming cars before making my turn out of the lot; suddenly, I would see the moon in the sky, beaming its bright light and instantly lifting my mood. No matter what my day was like or what I was worried about, I suddenly felt inspired and excited, remembering the bigger picture of life and my dreams & goals. I wanted to capture that feeling of hope, inspiration, excitement and help others feel it too.
“If you wonder what you were doing in the past, look at your body; to know what will happen to you in the future, look at your mind.”- DL

Designed to pop on any shelf or desk space, the Moon Jar is an interactive piece of décor with a deeper meaning.  It not only stands as a reminder, but also helps instill consistent habits that hold you accountable for keeping up with your goals & plans, big or small. The Moon Jar encourages you to find lessons in your challenges, and helps you sustain your drive to move forward when things aren’t going as planned.

Included with the jar are several accessories to help personalize the jar to any dream or goal.
“How do you know someone needs encouragement?... They are breathing.” – SC.

Fighting for what you want & finding your purpose isn’t easy, especially when it comes to setbacks and the day-in, day-out grind. In order to stay inspired and positive, daily reminders and encouragements are incredibly valuable. Surrounding yourself with the right people & positive thoughts are huge components of keeping the fire of a dream alive… Being a ‘dreamer’ is one thing but being a dreamer with a plan, tenacity, and a support system is everything.
Gifting The Moon Jar
Gift-giving is an opportunity to show someone you truly care and appreciate them. Gifting the Moon Jar shows the recipient not only that you appreciate them, but that you support and believe in their strengths; that you’re rooting for them, and you’re holding the ladder steady for them as they climb towards their dreams and aspirations. With human connection, we have an incredible power to lift others up and see the beauty & strengths of others, not as voids within ourselves, but as links that fit within the puzzle pieces of life. By building each other up and helping each other find our purpose, we can make for a truly better world.
Here’s to your dreams & supporting each other! You rock.


Giving Back Intro 

5% of all profits are given to charity



giving back to dreamers

a little bit more here about you giving back to the community through 5% or whatever you plan on giving sales. 


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